The services provided by Jeomak can be summarized as followings:

circlebullet.gif (1026 bytes)Local liaison office for foreign companies:

    This can be realized by involving in legal and operational tasks to be performed.

    Although the number of personnel working at Jeomak is limited with engineers which have years of experience in commercial market, for the subjects where experts are needed, Jeomak has contracts with an accountant, financal advisor, lawyer, customs agent and freight forwarder.

circlebullet.gif (1026 bytes)Representation of foreign companies:

Jeomak is an acting as an active representative of many Europian & American companies manufacturing and giving service in oil and gas industry.


Active representation includes;

Introducing the vendors to client with the product lines accompanied by related documents, organizing seminars/ presentations or technical meetings when requested, to act as an advisor both for client & vendor to clarify any point in tender documents and in the bids, and explain the laws/regulations in Turkey to the vendor, following the bid evaluations, follow up the shipping of goods, and communicate with client for their satisfaction on the goods.

circlebullet.gif (1026 bytes)Acting as a contract advisor for foreign companies;

This is achieved by years of experience accumulated on contract preparation, and application, and modification on contracts after having lived so many problems.


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